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Paper Session General Information
  1. The Region 11 Paper Session will be held at the University of St. Francis.
  2. NOTE:  If a student qualifies for State Science Fair, a Dropbox invitation will be sent to those sponsors going onto State.  You must submit your paper within 5 days of the Region 11 Fair-no later than March 16, 2018 
    (Include the student name and School in the subject box.)
  3. Papers submitted must follow the newest rules and guidelines in the IJAS Policy and Procedure Manual published on the IJAS website at www.ijas.org.
  4. Each school may enter up to ten papers.
  5. Students may compete in Project/Design, Paper or Essay Sessions. Dual entries are not permitted.
  6. Papers entered may have one or more authors, but must have a primary author.
  7. Four copies must be submitted for regional competition.
  8. Papers must be typed and may be double-sided.
  9. Papers must be stapled in the top left-hand corner and repeat the primary author's last name in the top right-hand corner of each page.
  10. All papers must have an Abstract and a signed Safety sheet within the paper. Papers without these required forms will be disqualified.
  11. Papers based on Humans, Non-Human vertebrates, Tissue Cultures or Microorganism research must have the appropriate endorsement and/or required paperwork. See IJAS Policy and Procedure Manual at IJAS website at www.ijas.org.
  12. Follow the citation format found in the Publication Manual of the American Psychological Association (fifth edition). No footnotes are to be used. Sources must be listed in the Reference List section of the paper as explained in the IJAS Policy and Procedure Manual.
  13. Papers may not exceed 30 pages, double sized. Count all pages between the staple! (Begin with Abstract, end with APA page)
  14. Completed Paper Judging Form must accompany the entry:
    1-2 Papers  ……one judge
    3-4 Papers  ……two judges
    5-6 Papers  ……three judges
    7-8 Papers  ……four judges
    9-12Papers  ……..five judges

Schools that do not submit the required amount of judges will have their participate number reduced.Please note: Judges remain for the full day - for Sessions A, B, and C. It is the responsibility of the teacher/sponsor to see that all requirements and deadlines are met. If a paper fails to meet these requirements and deadlines, the paper will be disqualified and returned to the teacher submitting it.