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Use of Humans as Test Subjects

Recognizing that human beings are vertebrate animals and yet need different criteria, the following policies will govern the use of human beings. If using a human as a test subject is decided upon, the following rules MUST BE FOLLOWED.

1) A "Human as Test Subjects" endorsement form must be included in the paper. This includes projects that involve learning, ESP, motivation, hearing, vision, memory and surveys.

2) Student Permission slip is required and should be signed by the student's parent.
  1. Humans must not be subjected to treatments that are considered hazardous and that could result in undue stress, injury, or death to the subject.
  2. No primary or secondary cultures taken directly (mouth, throat, skin, etc.) or indirectly (eating utensils, doorknobs, toilets, etc.), they are NOT allowed. However, cultures obtained from reputable biological suppliers or research facilities are suitable for student use in a certified science laboratory.
  3. The only human blood that may be used is that which is either purchased or obtained from a blood bank, hospital, or laboratory. No blood may be drawn by any person or from any person specifically for a science project. This rule does not preclude a student making use of data collected from blood tests not made exclusively for a science project.
  4. Projects that involve exercise and its effect on pulse, respiration rate, blood pressure, and so on are allowed provided the exercise is not carried to the extreme. Electrical stimulation is not permitted. A valid, normal physical examination must be on file for each test subject. Documentation of same must be attached to the Humans as Test Subjects Endorsement form.