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Your Science Fair Backboard 

Your display is a way to exhibit all the work that you have done. It is the first thing the judges will see as they approach and you want it to shout out at them “Come and look at my experiment.”

  1. Your display must not exceed the dimensions of 61 cm front to back, 107 cm from side to side, and 152 cm from table to top. This applies to ALL parts of your project.                                                           
  2. No chemicals, equipment, plants, soil, food, batteries, etc. can be placed on your backboard or square card table. (USE PICTURES of your supplies/testing.)
  3. The title should be brief, captivating, and sufficiently descriptive to identify the project.
  4. Lettering should be neat, easily visible, and uncluttered. Check correctness of spelling.
  5. Exhibits should be as neat and presentable as possible.
  6. Do not display any previous awards on your project.
  7. Additional space is not available, the Backboard and reports MUST fit on your table.
  8. Your backboard must show the following ON THE FRONT OF THE BOARD:
    1. Abstract, safety, and all endorsement sheets (may be reduced to a minimum of a half sheet of standard paper (5.5 in x 8.5 in)
    2. Purpose and hypothesis
    3. Materials
    4. Procedure
    5. Data – may be in written form, charts, graphs and pictures
    6. Conclusion
  9. We encourage you to take PICTURES of the apparatus you used and place them on your backboard or bring them in a small picture album to share with the judges.    You CANNOT bring any testing materials with you to the Regional Science Fair.