Upcoming  Dates

Sponsor Meeting at Blanchette Center:

Thursday, Sept. 13, 2018

New Sponsors: 10 am

All Sponsors: 12:30 pm

JDSTA Registration Due December 7, 2018 ($100)

IJAS Registration Due
December 31, 2018 ($75)

Region 11 Paperwork DUE on Fri., Feb. 8, 2019 

Paper Session Mailing

Project Session Mailing

Paper/Project/Design/Judges Online Entry Due

Region 11 Science Fair
University St. Francis

Friday, March 8, 2019

State Science Fair

Paper Session
May 3, 2019
Southern Illinois University

Poster Session
May 4, 2019
Southern Illinois University

State Results
2015 State Project Awards
2015 State Papers Awards
2014 State Project Awards
2014 State Papers Awards


This is the official web site for the Illinois Junior Academy of Science Region 11 Science Fair. The fair is organized by the Joliet Diocese Science Teachers Association (JDSTA).

The JDSTA Region 11 Science Fair gives students a valuable learning experience. Each year, young scientists from Catholic and private schools (Grades 7-12) pursue specialized fields of science by working on individualized research projects, either as part of their core curriculum or through independent study. These projects broaden scientific awareness and allow students to delve deeply into areas of their own special interests -- giving them a chance to explore, to gather information, to arrive at conclusions and to present ideas in a competitive public forum.

If you have specific questions, please  use the "About Us" tab to contact a Region 11 Board member.